Montag, 28. März 2016

The Goddesses tour guide and boot worshiper

Showing around the Goddess.
As i was kneeling at Future Femdom today and greet the guests they are showing up as Goddess NillySue appears again. She told me to come closer and i did as she wanted, as i kneeled in front of her she was looking down and scold me for using her name in my last post withgut her permission. I bend down an kissed her white leather thigh high boots to appologize. Then Goddess NillySue wanted me to show her around in Future Femdome and told me she will find something to punish me during the tour. I though a second were to start and decided to show her Micropolis first as it was the closest from the entry point.

Goddess in the tiny city
as we reachd Micropolis i told her woman enter through the gate while we lowly bugs enter the city through the tunnel under the gate, she got a bit curious and asked me if she could step on or crush me and answered that she could do anything she want. As Goddess Nilly Sue went in i shrunk myself and crawled after her into Micropolis, as i saw Goddess NillySue again inside the city i was stunned at first how gorgeous she appears as an giantess. I woke up again after she called my name with her wonderfull and powerful voice i crawled to her like an bug and noticed i was even smaler then her heel. I blushed an kissed her boot as she was towering above me Goddess NillySue laughed and said i'm funny when i'm so small then i had to clean her heel. I licked and kissed her heel all over it then rub my face against her heel to dry it up not leave any smears or my saliva on them, after that she allowed me to take an pic of her for the blog and kicked me abit around the city before she wanted to continue the tour.

The punishment
after leaveing the city i grow back to my normal size and showed her around more as we soon reach the kicking mats and she told me to lay down on it to punish me. Goddess NillySue was towering in front of me and lifted her foot and started to kick me with kick me right in the face, she kicked me over and over again and scold me more "who gave you permission to us my name" "do you like that" "what are you going to do?" i wiggled on the ground in pain from her hard kicks and apologized over and over again "I'm sorry Goddess i will never use your name without your permission" i started to cough as some of her kicks hit me heavy in my stomach. Goddess NillySue continued to kick me as an other slave appears and watched her kicking me. She wanted me to tell him how i feel from her kicks and said "i feeling pain from your mighty kicks but gratitude as well for punish me because of my misstake of using her name without permission.

after the punishment Goddess NillySue wanted me to show her an place she could relax, i showed her an couch for her to lay down were we meet an 3rd slave. Goddess Nilly Sue was laying down on the couch as we slaves took care of the soles of her boots by licking and kissing them. She started to talk with us slaves more casually as we continue to worship her feet with sucking her heels. I took care to not stain her boots with my slaiva and we continued the tour till Goddess NillySue had to leave and we bid our farewells.

Dienstag, 15. März 2016

Goddesses kick and trample on their slaves

Spending my days crawling at Future Femdom worship every woman that visit the place and Goddess Ginas clothes during the time when no Goddess was around. I was licking their heels clean, kissing the Goddesses soles, acting as an carpet, showing around women on their first visit of Future Femdom and shrunk myself down anytime an Goddess wanted me to do so to become the worm i am.
Then today i heard noices as i was praying at an Altar to the mighty of the Women. i crawled towards the noice and found Goddess NillySue and Goddess Gimonia as they were trample on and kicking Slave Doormats i crawled closer and greeted both respectfully

 Adore and support their Grace
 Goddess NillySue ordered me to come closer and to watch how they treat the slave on the ground by trample and kicking on it. I kneeled down beside her watching them abuse the Slave as i agree to Goddess NillySue that we men are nothing more than filthy bugs under the grace of all women. As i still watch them abuse Doormats i get my head further down to lick and kiss Goddess NillySue's  Heels, she steped on my back and grinded her heel on me as i turn my head to the side open my mouth and close it round her heel to suck on Goddess NillySue's heels asn let my tongue coil around the heel and lick it shiny. Suddenly she grabs my hair and pull my head up to her asking me if i had liked what i have seen. i nodded and told her it was amasing and the taste of her heels are dinine. Then we ent to an other place at Future Femdom.

Under Goddess Gimonia
at the new location i was laying down on the ground as Goddess Gimonia steped above me and start to kicked my balls i was wiggle and scream at every kick let her enjoying the kicks. i Struggle on the ground and looked up painfully asking her if she has fun. As answer she switched her position and continued to kick into my sides while steping on me sometimes too i surrendered my worhtless body to Goddeess Gimonia and thanked her for every kick as i admired the look and power of her soles. I laid on the ground being her kicking toy till she was leave and told me she wanna use me again.

Montag, 15. Februar 2016

Goddess Blondie and her heel cleaner

Gorgeous heels
This time i was kneeling in the sitting room at Future Femdom and worshiped Goddess Ginas boots surrendering my live to them as i heard footsteps from behind and turnd around seeing Goddess Blondie walk towards me, i crawled at her feet and greeted her with kissing her shoes "Hello Goddess". Goddess Blondie looked around with the words "thought i head something" i speak up to her to make her realize me under her feet, after she saw me she wanted me to show her my qualitys by worship and to be grateful to be so close to her gorgeous heels.

Heel Worship
With kissing and licking her shoe i moved my head to the back of her shoe and her heels were i licked up and down her heels, she smiled down and watch me as i cleaning her heels and told me i should clean the studs on her heels carefully an make them really shiny. After an short "right away Goddess" i opend my mouth wide and close it around her heel to suck obsequious on it as i let my tongue stroke around the studs on her heel, as i focus on her heel i had the feeling she was smirk down at me and pleasured by my work.

Heel cleaning
A bit later she pulled out her heel from my mouth, i swallowed my saliva and the dirt i sucked off of her heel to make my mouth dry for dry up her heel and let the studs become really shiny. Goddess Blondie let the tip of her shoe rest on my face as she checked my work on her heel and gladly she liked my work then with an simple "bye" she left and let me back on the ground with the wish to be her heel cleaner again some time. 

(pic will follow)

Mittwoch, 10. Februar 2016

New Goddess, Clothes slave and Biker boots


Clothing slave
-after i confessed my love for Goddess Ginas clothes to Goddess Gina she smiled an drop her clothes down on me, i got buried under an pile of her Jackets, jeans and boots as i started to worship them right away- Ahwww... Thank you Goddess Gina your devine clothes are gorgeous -i kissed and lick all the clothes i could reach and become really exited and start to moan as Gina ordered me i should call her name while worship her clothes- Oh.. Goddess Gina thank you for let me life under your clothes, Goddess Gina how can i be so lucky to be under your clothes, I love you Goddess Gina -then Gina drop her skitrs on me as well and i got buried whole under her clothes as i feel pressure come down on me. Goddess Gina was step down on the pile of clothes with her black Biker boots and remembered me were i belong under the soles of her boots. I wiggled under the pressure as her clothes rub and press against me, feeling the fine leather of her clothes on my skin what let my exitement rise even more and i cum under the pile of clothes as i get the new title "clothing slave" from Goddess Gina-

New Encounter
Crawling around on the ground at Future Femdom and greet all goddesses they come by but the most treat me like the thing i am, like an lowly worm not even worth to look at and just walk past me. But some are interested in worthless slaves like me and respond to my greetings, like Goddess Aura who i met lately. I greeted her respectful by kissing her feet, she was looking for her slave but unfortunately for her he was not around but i offered myself as an "training dummy" for her so she could play around with me till her slave would appear. Goddess Aura, a really kind and gentle Woman, told me she is kinda new to femdom and not used how to treat her slaves, i answered some of her questions like how should a Goddess be? or can a Goddess have more than one slave? and told her then she could use my collar and test out how it works. Goddess Aura accepted my offer and started to play around with me.

Biker Boots
As Goddess Aura tested out the options of the collar and i showed her around at Future Femdom we met Goddess Gina almost immediately i crawled to her feet which were covered with her black leather Biker boots and started to lick and worship them. While Goddess Gina and Goddess Aura were talking i worshipped the feet of both women, started with Ginas biker boots and let my tongue stroke over the fine black leather till Gina ordered me to worship the buckle on her boots. I moved my face to the side of her boot and sucked on the little metal buckle while worship it "mighty buckle my life is not worth enouth to touch you and i surrender to you whole" i got more and more aroused during the worship of the goddesses and cum and create an little puddle infront of Goddess Ginas feet, Gina laughed and steped into the little puddle before show me the sole of her boot again and offered my mouth to her for cleaning her Biker boots.

Freitag, 29. Januar 2016

Slave worships the Pockets of the Goddess dark blue Jeans and become squished on the stud on them

 Daily duty
Was spending the last days with my daily duty to worship Goddess Ginas boots, prayed and showed my surrender to her boots in many different ways like shrinking to lick and pray to the insole of her boots, licking obsequious every teeth of the zippers on them and lick out the brand marks on the arch of the boots. Or by rubing myself against the boots till i cum to show the boots i fully belong to them. Now and then Goddess Gina add new tasks to my daily dutys like the last one to worship her Jackets the same way as her boots, i prayed to them and surrendered my life to her Jackets too. I lick kiss and rub myself against the jackets and com on the fine leather they are made off, use my tongue, bare hands or and other part of my body to Massage my cum into the leather to keep it smooth as like for her boots.

Jacket prayer
Today i met Goddess Gina she was beautiful as ever dressed in her tight blue jeans, red leather boots and her red leather jacket, immediately i greet her like an goddess deserve it and licked her boots. Goddess Gina giggled down on me and told me her Jacket want me to worship it, i kneeled in front og Gina to reach up to her jacket and rubed my face against the fine red leather. During my worship i started to lick over the fine leather as i suck on the seams of the jacket while let my tongue stroke over them. Goddess Gina wanted to hear an prayer from me to her Jacket and as done so right away "Oh mighty Jacket my life belongs to you use it to your pleasure as much as you want" at this moment Gina grabed my head on my hair and pushed me into the red leather. As i struggle to breath as my mouth almost fully got covered i could see Goddess Gina play with the little zipperhead on her jacket what make me realy exited and my dick become rock hard. She ordered me to suck the little metal piece and cum on the ground, i dis as Goddess Gina told me and releasd my load on the ground between her feet.

Pocket worship
Then Goddess Gina turned around and wiggled her, in her blue jeans covered, rear infront of my face as i look straight on the two backpockets on her Jeans and blush heavy. She stroke with her finger over one of the studs on her pockets and asking me what i like the most one her Jeans i answered "the best what i like on your jeans are the pockets Goddess, they look so cute but aat the same time they are mighty prisons of worthless slaves like me" Gina giggled as shout "Shrink" and i become smaler and smaler looking up to the towering Goddess above me while blushing heavy as Gina squat down above me presenting me the pockets again and ordered me to beg to them. "Mighty pockets please, please take my life to your pleasure i fully belong to you" Goddess Gina picked me up the and started to squish me against the stud on her backpocket. I screamed and felt more and more pain as she moves my body around the stud in circular movemnets as the last thing i hear was an simple good bye then my body got smeared and crushed against the stud on her pocket.

Sonntag, 10. Januar 2016

Slave worship the Zippers of the Goddess's boots, while watching an tiny man get crushed

Open Worship (Future Femdom Group Chat)
Today while taking care of Goddess Ginas boots i crawled into the Group Chat and greeted all Goddesses with kneeling in front of them and kissing their feet/shos/boots. My greeting was reciprocated from Goddess Jane and started to lick her shoes to thank her, during that she gave me the order to not forget her heels. I laid dwn on my belly to get my mouth and face under the arch of her shoes to lick them befor i started to lick and suck on her heels to make them shiny. At this moment Goddess Jane wanted me to pray to the women supremacy and did what she want and said "Women are the most mighty, powerful, beautiful, gorgeous and devine beings while we men are nothing more than the dust under their shoes/boots not really worth to be recognised by Women" idk if it was because of my words or the leading of Goddess Jane over me but i/she got applause from Goddess Carolyne von B. I stay down on my belly just turning my head to Kiss Goddess Carolyne's shoes too to greet her then i got left back alone like the dust i am. Thinking on these mighty women makes me exited and i cum the fisrt time.

Goddess Gina's new red leather boots
As i was lay on the ground after they left i heard some footsteps they sound familiar but new at the same time and crawled toward the sound, i find out the sound comes from Goddess Gina notice her new outfit as she stand infront of me. Goddess Gina was dressed in a black T-Shirt and a red leather Jacket over it, her legs were covered in skin tight dark blue, almost black, Jeans and mighty red leather boots they looked slightly like her black riding boots. Amazed from this gorgeous appearance i crawled to her feet and start kissing them before i bend down more to kiss the zippers of her boots, suck on the grip of the zipper and lick carefully ofer every single tooth of the zipper till i cum on them. Goddess Gina laughed down at me and pull up and down her zippers to see if my cum make them move more smooth, after that she grabed my head on my hair and ordered me to open my mouth what i have done right away as she spit into my mouth and i swallowed her saliva.

The squished tiny slave
After i swallowed her saliva i get down to her feet again and contiued my work on her zipper while she stepped down onto my neck to keep me on the ground were i belong a little later she drag me along to the Future Femdom landing point to meet an other slave, Slave Downhere. I watched the whole thing as i continued to worship Goddess Ginas zippers silently, right after Goddess Gina appeared in front of him he lay down on the ground and started to kiss Ginas's boots. As Gina talked down to him she stepped down in my face to wipe off her soles what let me cum a third time. Exhausted i continued to lick her zippers as i lay flat on the floor watching the following events. Slave Downhere started to beg to get shrunk and to be crushed under the toes of Goddess Gina's boots, she smiled down and granted him the wish. Goddess Gina told him to shrink and i was watching how he loose mor and more of his size till he laid on the ground lick an bug, what we men all are. Gina lifted the toed of her boot and ordered him to crawl under her boot, he did as she told him and the next what i could see and hear was how his tiny body poped and an cruching sound of his bones.

Montag, 4. Januar 2016

Slave Gets Shrunk at Future Femdom, now Worships Goddess as Tiny Man

New Slaves
Today as i was worship Goddess Ginas boots i heard voices from above, one i recognized immediately it was the mighty and beautyfull Goddess Gina i walked upstairs to greet her proper and saw she was training some new Slaves. I was crawling towards her Boots to lick and worship them, she was wearing her mint green colored zipper boots. After greeting the new Slaves i was worshiping the zipers on her boots together with one of the new slaves, we licked together on the same zipper and prayed to them how mighty and amazing they are till we cum on the ground under Goddess Ginas boots. During this some othrer slaves and Goddess Chiqui arrived as well. She walked over to us with elegant and powerfull steps and stopped in front of Goddess Gina, i crawledto her feet and kissed her boots as a greeting befor continue to worship Goddess Ginas zipper boots. Goddess Chiqui started to talk with her as i layed down on my back and offered my mouth to the goddesses as their sole cleaner, especially to Goddess Gina which has my cum from befor on her soles. During this all the new slavesaround got lectured how to behave, the one i was worship Ginas zippers befor was still praying to them. Then Goddess Gina giggled down on me and pressed her sole on my face i licked imediately on her sole to clean up the mess on them not knowing if it was my own mess or not, at this time Goddess Chiqui needed to lave again.

Sole cleaner
I continued my cleaning of her sole as i reached the heel of her boot and coil my tongue around the heel to suck on it, as i do so Goddess Gina pushed down her heel deep into my mouth and made me cough. I was struggeling under her boot to get enough air and to continue the worshoip of her boots as good as possible with continue to suck and clean her heel up from the arch down to the tip of the heel. As Goddess Gina was needed to leave as well she pulled out her heel from my mouth and told me to show the new slaves around a bit an show them were the sitting room is but they all left shortly after her too. The next time i saw Goddess Gina was in front of some store in Future Femdom i crawled over to her laid down on my belly to kiss and lick Goddess Ginas boots to greet her like always. During my greeting Gina squatted down and pat me on my back, this simple action made me really happy and i puted more effort in my worship. I got my face around her boot and started to lick on the zipper again i carefully move up and down on it with my tongue as i suck on the grip of the zipper as well.

Crushed in the fold of Ginas Black leather Jeans
Goddess Gina smiled down on me and asked me if i want to be her Zipper slave and i said "i would love to be the slave from everything you wear" as Goddess Gina stands up again i kneeled infront of her and locked up to her she pointed to the front of her black jeans showing me an fold right under the button which covers the zipper of her jeans wanting me to worship it. I did what she wanted and licked and prayed to the fold as i cum on the ground between her boots. Gina squatted down again and dip her finger in my cum to lick up a bit of it, she told me she want to shrink me and crush me in that fold as she wipe off her wet finger on my cheek. Almost immediately i beged her to get crushed there, then i was shrinking down standing below of this mighty Goddess, Gina squished me playfully between her fingers before shove me in the fold of her jeans. I kissed and licked her jeans immediately as i feel the pressure from outside start to rise as Gina laid down on her belly and crushed me into the fold of her jeans easily.